Supervision is a professional space for a supervisee to reflect on therapeutic work with the client and work together to ensure that all aspects of client issues are explored and understood. I have been supervising practitioners since I qualified as a Counsellor in 1997 and I offer individual supervision to counsellors and other practitioners in the Social and Health care profession. As a fully qualified Supervisor, my model of supervision is collaborative and primarily concerned with developing your skills to help your client in the best way you can.

I can arrange supervision according to your needs but under the BACP ethical framework, every practising counselor is required to have a minimum of 1.50 hours each month. If you are working in the social or health care profession, you are required to have more or less hours and might be offered external supervision by your employer once a month as part of your employment rights which can support you professionally and allow you to work in an empowering way outside of your workplace. I am offering online Supervission via SKYPE/ZOOM or FACETIME and I can be as flexible as possible in arranging days/times to meet your needs. My fees are £90 per 90 minutes session as requested by BACP for individual Counsellors and for organisations,  I charge a flat rate of £120 per session but I am happy to discuss your budget and reach a mutually agreeable fee.

Please do not hesitate to email me on: for further information or call me to discuss your needs so we can book your session at your convenience.

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