I have been away for the last 12 months and I have to say that I have missed what I do because I feel that I always loved the job I do.

After having a year break and gaining more insight into my own sense of self and learning how to manage it even better,  I have come back to working in private practice again with individuals and couples. I am offering either face to face or by SKYPE session which is, of course, a choice and I am happy to arrange it in a way to suit your needs.

As a Humanist therapist, I aim to work in a relational way to support you in order to build a sense of security within yourself and your relationships with others so that you can develop the internal resources to cope with the many challenges life brings. Through my approach, I aim to support you to make sense of and find strategies to address unconscious thoughts that can lead to frustrating and repetitive behavioral patterns that can keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your full potential.

My practice is underpinned by knowledge of individual behaviors, relationships or indeed lack of it, which can lead to depression, anxiety and, loss and bereavement and so on. This includes working with the sometimes hidden and other times overwhelming feelings of anger that can result as a way of managing pain and loss. I also have knowledge and experience of working with addictions and other compulsive or repetitive behaviors that individuals can develop as survival strategies to defend against painful feelings that have never been fully addressed, understood or supported.

Through working with a diverse range of people for such a long time, it has helped me to appreciate the importance of loving relationships and how much people struggle with feeling abandoned and alone, sometimes in the face of terrible depression, anxiety and loss. My aim is to work through painful or difficult emotions with kindness and warmth to provide a secure base in which it is possible to slowly build trust in an ongoing therapeutic relationship which empowers clients to engage in the world in a new way. I see counselling and psychotherapy both as a deep connection with one’s self which sets a unique tone to each therapeutic relationship. You are your own expert and I aim to bring my self and my experiences to facilitate and empower you to get in touch with your own meaning and purpose.


Please do get in touch and have an informal chat to see if you feel ok for working with me, there is never an obligation to continue further into your journey in therapy, always remember you have a choice to choose which therapist you would like to walk with.telephone2Hattie Ocal –  Mob: 07941930172